Company, organization: L’Ours de Mutzig

Registered Offices: SAS Societe Hotelière de l'Ours

Place de la Fontaine 67190 MUTZIG

Telephone: +33 3 88 47 85 5

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Shared capital: xxx

VAT number: 169D8561624

SIRET: RCS Paris 908561624

Purpose of site: Promotion of the establishment

Director of publication, legal representative: xxx

Editorial Manager: xxx

Photography: xxx

Publisher’s company name : WIHP SAS

Status of the company : SAS

RCS : Paris 509 986 188

SIREN : 50998618800019

VAT number:: FR 80 509 986 188

Shared capital:: 8000 euros

Registered Offices: 77 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine 75011 Paris France

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+33 1 53 46 10 60

Legal representative: Vincent Ramelli

Director of publication: Vincent Ramelli

Web Hosting : Amazon

Address: Seatle, Washington, USA

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